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Flamingo Joe’s

Located steps inside the main entrance of Zoo Atlanta, Flamingo Joe’s is your place for hot beverages or cold treats.

Treehouse Talk

Watch as the spectacular birds of The Living Treehouse forage and feed!  

Lappet-faced Vulture Talk

Join a bird expert for facts on nature’s cleanup crew and be there for the vultures' afternoon feeding!

Wild Encounter: Warthog

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at Zoo Atlanta’s African Savanna and give the warthogs a favorite treat.

Flamingo Talk

Learn more on about our flock of Chilean flamingos with fun facts on their diet, behaviors and more!

Gorilla Research Talk

Find out about the cutting-edge work Zoo Atlanta staff is doing to learn more about gorilla behavior!

Gorilla Keeper Talk and Feeding (Habitat 1)

Watch a keeper give the gorillas their afternoon fruit, and learn more about their care – a perfect chance to see the troop on the move.

Gorilla Feeding (Habitat 3)

Watch the gorillas get their afternoon fruit – a perfect chance to see the troop on the move.

Orangutan Feeding (Habitat 1)

Be there for the orangutans’ afternoon fruit feeding– a great chance to see these incredible apes in action!

Wonders of Wildlife

Enjoy this mixed-species animal presentation where you might see small mammals, snakes, and birds up close!